23 Small Butterfly Tattoo Models

tiny butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are timeless. Your small butterfly tattoo will be very cool!

In many cultures, the butterfly is associated with our soul. For example, the Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. In addition, this lovely animal represents endurance, change, hope and life. We have selected 23 cool and small butterfly tattoos for you.

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1) Line butterfly tattoo

line butterfly tattoo

Can we call the butterfly a cute poison? We’re not sure about it, but the tattoo is absolutely sweet!

2) Small butterfly tattoo

tiny butterfly tattoo

Both the location and the shape of this butterfly are very attractive.

3) Detailed butterfly

detailed butterfly

Although it is not a very tiny tattoo, the details look really nice.

4) Butterflies


If you love butterflies very much, you can make two butterflies instead of one.

5) Shadowy

shadowy butterfly

An awesome butterfly tattoo with minimal and shading!

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