26 Small Traditional Tattoos to Stand Out in 2021

Traditional eye small traditional tattoo

When it comes to traditions, there is one thing that comes to mind for certain: diversity. The reason why is the fact that it is difficult to come up with one singular tradition as there are thousands of cultures and civilizations that make up their own tradition. Besides, these traditions often mix and match with each other, making them quite hard to differentiate from one another with strict lines. At that point, America comes to the surface since it is known for combining different cultures at a melting pot. This success of America shows itself in its tattoo game as well, making it the number one land in small traditional tattoos.

American traditional tattoo ideas have a unique style with thick black frames and small coloring. They have creative forms and are quite eye-catching. Thus, even though the bigger traditional tattoos are glamorous for sure, there is no doubt that less is always more. That is to say, small American traditional tattoos are more than enough to amp up your body with their artistic style. Originated back in the 1930s, and gained iconic status through the tattoo artists such as Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, these tattoos are filled with symbolism, imagery, and meaning. In this article, we have collected a broad range of small traditional tattoos for you. From pirate ships to scary eyes of providence, this list of 26 Small Traditional Tattoos presents you with everything one can look for in a tattoo.

1) Turquoise eye in form of small traditional tattoo

A turquoise eye small traditional tattoo
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The turquoise eye of providence would scare even the Illuminati itself.

2) When people upset you, you know what to say…

A "fuck off" small traditional tattoo
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Don’t put a bad word into your mouth. Put it on your body.

3) Eyes, swords and blood…

An eye framed with blades small traditional tattoo
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What is more traditional than putting the three pillars of human strength into one single tattoo?

4) Illuminati’s triangle is everywhere!

An illuminati triangle small traditional tattoo
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A triangle that troubled humanity for decades…This time with ravens on it!

5) Sorry dear, this ship has sailed..

A ship in the bottle small traditional tattoo
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Once a necessary marker for the sailors, now the ship tattoos are a mere representation of a great tradition.

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