25 Small Neck Tattoos for Men in 2021

Deadly lips tattoo

Once an indicator of being a gang member or a criminal, neck tattoos are now the new mainstream and more trendy than ever. The neck tattoos are attractive, garish, and absolutely bold. Thankfully, small neck tattoos are her to bring balance back to the equation. They allow you to have a bold tattoo on your neck while keeping it in moderation. Still, don’t underestimate the simple neck tattoos since they are strong enough to make or break your tattoo game.

When it comes to neck tattoos, small neck tattoos for men are particularly outstanding in various forms and symbolism. “Why the neck?” you may ask. The answer is simple: since the neck is often linked with communication due to being home to the throat, people are drawn to their neck when they want to deliver a message through their tattoo. Besides, the shape of the necks provides a quite flexible space to ink the tattoos on. Small side neck tattoos are notably great indicators of the neck’s versatile structure for tattoo placement.

Yet, despite all the perks of the small neck tattoos, they are often seen as risky moves. The reason why is the fact that one’s neck is not easy to hide, which means once you have a neck tattoo, you need to embrace it at all times. Another possible reason is the thinness of the neck skin that might cause more hurt than other parts of the body when having a tattoo.

The funny thing is, these are also the reasons why more and more men are choosing to have a neck tattoo, primarily the small ones. They may be small, but they require courage. In this article, we have collected 25 Small Neck Tattoos for Men in 2021 for you. Let’s dive in!

1) Chinese letters will never be out of style

Chinese kanji small neck tattoo
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Regardless of their meaning, we should accept the fact that there is something about the Chinese alphabet that looks so cool.

2) The ultimate divinity: Trishul small neck tattoo

Hindu god emblems as small neck tattoos
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The emblem of Shiva, a Hindu god, a Trishu symbolizes will, wisdom and action.

3) A heart is never too small

A tiny
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A heart wants what it wants. This time, it wants a small heart-neck tattoo.

4) Stay blessed!

Word "blessed" as small neck tattoos
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Leaves are perfect for framing one’s neck. If you have a nice, long, and elegant neck, congratulations, you are blessed.

5) Small neck tattoos are “Eternal”

Word "eternal" as small neck tattoos
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Let the world know that your tattoo enthusiasm is “eternal”.

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