24 Small Skull Tattoos Perfect in 2021

A henna small skull tattoo idea

Skull tattoo ideas have always been around since sailor tattoos started to emerge as a tattoo genre in itself. In fact, it would not be wrong to claim that skull tattoos are now a classic within the tattoo world, perfectly fitting in the modern face of the art form as well. Small skull tattoos, however, have a special place in our eyes. They manage to integrate skull tattoos into every single corner of your body without covering much space.

Skull tattoos symbolize mortality, immortality, the thin line between life and death, and our fragile nature as humans. Skull tattoo ideas are bold, badass, and yet, still preserve their symbolic value and meaning. These tattoos can be creepy, worrying, scary, and even triggering for some. However, they are also a reminder of the fact that our presence in this world of ours is limited in an artistic way.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, highly demanded by tattoo enthusiasts worldwide to have at least one skull tattoo. We want to celebrate our lives while encountering our worst fear, death itself. People are specifically leaning towards small skull tattoos because they get to carry such a meaningful tattoo while not committing a large area to it. These tattoos are quite versatile and can turn into basically anything you want without losing their authentic self. Small skull tattoos can fit almost all parts of your body with multiple unique styles.

In this article, we have collected 24 small skull tattoos for you that would be perfect to have in 2021. If you are channeling a sailor’s soul or simply want to show how much you value the cycle of life, keep on reading!

1) Kill small skull tattoos with kindness

A gentle interference of a harmer is always welcome in the tattoo world. The kind killing of a small skull tattoo is on another level of artistry though.

2) Half of a skull

A clownish small skull tattoo with half of its face.
via https://www.instagram.com/p/CR-237RIiga/

The good thing about the small skull tattoos is the fact that they are not only small but also can be divided into pieces.

3) Crosses embodied by small skull tattoos

Crosses embodied by small skull tattoos.
via https://www.instagram.com/p/CSAAt9dCkPd/

What is the meaning of a cross? It represents sacrifice from life itself. How similar to the skull tattoo symbolism, right?

4) Flowers turned into small skull tattoos

Flowers replaced by small skull tattoos.
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Don’t be fooled by the innocence of the flowers. They are only a tiny bit away from turning into small skull tattoos.

5) Not only small skull tattoos, but also thinnest skull tattoos

A skeleton small skull tattoo
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The smaller the tattoo gets, the more excited we get. If it is a thin one as well, there is nothing better than it.

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