30 Harry Potter Tattoos for Hogwarts Lovers

detailed hogwarts tattoo

Harry Potter is a fantasy series that has become a classic all over the world. Spells, flying brooms, talking flowers, a golden winged ball… What a wonderful world! On the other hand, we should not forget all the bad things and “don’t need a name”. If you’re a Harry fan, why not get Harry Potter tattoos? Even if you can’t go to that world, it can be nice to walk around with a symbol with you all the time.

British writer J. K. Rowling was unaware that Harry Potter would take the world by storm while writing it. But you can be sure that you will wreak havoc in your circle of friends by getting these tattoos! Here are 30 awesome harry potter tattoo models.

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1) Friendship of Deathly Hallows

matching harry potter tattoos

Great harry potter tattoos for groups of friends!

2) Always Deathly Hallows…

harry potter always tattoo

Would you like to carry both a symbol and Snape’s unforgettable word on your body?

3) Symbols of the unforgettable

harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

If you’re a fan of both harry potter and friends, check out these tattoos.

4) One more Deathly Hallows?

harry potter matching deathly hallows tattoo

Don’t you think the craftsmanship of this symbol is amazing?

5)Everything that comes to mind when you say Harry Potter

harry potter symbol tattoo

Glasses, train station, wand, snitch and letter… A good Harry Potter synopsis, right?

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