25 Cross Tattoos for Religious People in 2021

Shiny cross tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, there are a lot of opinions out there. While some people defend it passionately, others prefer to stay away from it as far as possible. This divisive nature of tattoos has become more prevalent often among religious communities. Still, there are a lot of religious people who have tattoos. Besides, it is also quite common among religious people to express their beliefs through their tattoos. When it comes to religious tattoos, cross tattoos are some of the most preferred styles.

Cross has a symbol that is very heavy in meaning, especially for Christians. It represents the crossing of Jesus and his sacrifice for the ones who are and will follow his lead. Thus, for every Christian – or non-Christian – who loves and values Jesus, it is a pride to wear a cross piece on them. If it is a cross tattoo, it is even better. These tattoos can be in several forms and be combined with many other tattoos, including rose tattoos, which represent purity in Christianity.

In this article, we present you with various forms of cross tattoos. If you are a religious person or just love to have a cross on you, these ones are perfect for you!

1) Shiny cross tattoos

But, you can turn your cross into a piece of jewelry.

2) Mace

Purple cross body art work
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Nevertheless, crosses are great canvases to reflect your creativity.

3) Cross tattoos with angel

Cross tattoos with angel
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That is to say, highlight the religious features by adding more religious figures.

4) Basic art

Basic cross tattoos with sentences
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Don’t give up all your romance.

5) Centered cross tattoos

Centered cross tattoos
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In addition to centering it, make roses a bed for your crosses.

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