11 Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners and Pros in 2022

Best tattoo machines

Looking for the perfect tattoo machine for yourself? Then you are in the right place! When you examine the tattoo models on our site, you may want to find a beautiful model and have it done. So how about making your own tattoo? It seems like a joke, but think about it with some practice, why not?

In this content, we describe the 11 best tattoo machines of 2022 for beginners and professionals. Maybe you will make your next tattoo yourself if you get the machine that fit to you!

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1)Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

tattoo machine for begginners

Professional artists also recommend this machine. Since the Essence machine works at a lower frequency, it ensures that the color is transferred to the skin faster. You can do a pretty good job, especially with black-gray tattoos. Since its design is in the form of a pen, you can easily grasp the machine. So you can make shapes more easily.

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2)Solong Complete Starter Tattoo Kit

tattoo machine

The Solong tattoo machine set is a good set for both making shapes and shading.

It is one of the cheapest and best sets you can find on the market, especially when evaluated in terms of price and performance. This set contains all tattoo supplies for a beginner tattooist.

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3)Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

tattoo machine kit

This pen tattoo machine is much quieter and vibrates less than other tattoo machines. The needles in the set are WJX brand and they store more ink.

You can make beautiful tattoos by easily grasping the Dragonhawk Mast tattoo pen. This machine has a flexible and lightweight design.

It is a machine that can be preferred especially for classical line work, black and gray shading and solid color work.

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4)Hawink Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine

Hawink Tattoo Machine

This particular tattoo machine with the German Faulhaber engine is powerful and low-noise, making it ideal for practice.

The machine is designed to give you a real pen feel. You can get rid of your novice with this powerful machine with a very simple design. It is also a machine that you can continue to use when you become a professional.

Weight: 128g (0.28 lbs). Stroke: 3.3mm. Working Voltage: 5-10V, Maximum working voltage is 10V.

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5)Dragonhawk Pro Complete Tattoo Pen Kit

best tattoo machine

If you’re just getting started with tattooing, this machine set has all the ingredients. The tattoo pen has a stroke length of 3.5mm, which is good for beginners. It is very easy to do line tattoos, shading and permanent make-up with this machine.

Package includes: 1 x Atom Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with DC Clip Cable, 1 x Power Supply with Cable, 20 pcs Cartridge Needles in various sizes 1 x Foot Pedal

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6)Dragonhawk Pro Tattoo Pen & Cartridges Kit

dragon hawk tattoo machine

With this 4.0mm stroke tattoo machine, especially beginners can do line tattoos with ease. The machine is compatible with all cartridge needles. The body of the machine is made of metal grinding technology, which makes it easy to hold.

You can do all tattoo styles with this tattoo maker. The machine is finely carved with aluminum alloy, low noise, strong, long-lasting stability, can be used for shading and lining. Connected with RCA cable. Working voltage: 6-8V; RPM: 10,000; Stroke: 4mm.

Tattoo pen set includes 1 rotary tattoo pen with RCA cable, 1 power supply with cable, 20 cartridge needles, 1 foot pedal, 1 bandage.

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7)Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine

hawk tattoo machine

Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine has a high piercing force and frequency. They have extremely sensitive reaction times. Designed for comfortable experience, the tattoo machine aims to provide safe, clean and gentle work.

Its precise strokes with precise response times are the highlight of this tattoo machine. Frequency: 70 – 170 beats/second; 0-4mm depth. Compatible with 22mm and 25mm handles. Rated voltage: 5-12.5V DC.

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8)Wormhole Cartridge Tattoo Pen Kit for Beginners

tattoo pen

This pen tattoo machine is low noise, stability and light weight. The machine is compatible with all tattoo cartridge needles. It can be used for shading and lining. Aiming to create the feeling of a real pen, the machine provides a more comfortable and precise tattoo procedure.

Connected by RCA line, starting voltage: 5V, working voltage: 8-10V. Switching frequency: 55-165 Hz, stroke: 3.5 mm, 0-4 mm adjustable needle depth. Speed ​​10V-1W r/min.

Tattoo pen set includes 1 rotary tattoo pen with RCA cable, 1 power supply with cable, 40 cartridge needles, 1 foot pedal, 1 bandage.

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9)Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine

Solong Tattoo Pen

This tattoo machine aims to give a real pen feel like other pen machines. Thanks to its comfortable design, the machine can also be used for permanent make-up.

Tattoo kit including: a tattoo pen; 50pcs cartridge tattoo needles; a rechargeable tattoo battery, 1500mAH; DC 5.5 connection Working Voltage: 7-11V, Maximum working voltage is 11V.

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10)Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Wormhole Tattoo Kit

This machine is compatible with all kinds of standard needles. With its complete set of tattoos, it is a good choice, especially for beginners.

Needle protrusion: 0 – 4.5 mm. Stroke length: 3.5mm. It has a double ball bearing motor.

The machine’s self-developed dual-control tattoo power supply: 1. Safety first, Using the automatic protection function, when your voltage is too high or abnormal, the power will be cut off automatically, which can make your tattoo safer and protect your tattoo tool. 2. More convenient. You can connect two devices on this tattoo power supply at the same time and use the “L/S” key to switch with one click, saving you the trouble of changing tattoo pens frequently while tattooing.

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11)Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

Rotary Tattoo Machine

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is a machine that is almost as light as a feather. 7.5-8.5 volts for color packaging and shading; 8-9 volts for lining
The machine is designed for a wide variety of jobs such as color packing, light black and gray shading, and black fill. With these features, it is a machine frequently preferred by both beginners and professionals.

Weight: 6.17oz
Stroke Length: 3.5mm
Max needle size: 50 mag
Maximum pipe diameter: 8mm

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12)Bonus: Temporary Tattoo Marker

temporary tattoo marker

I don’t want to buy a tattoo machine yet, but to myself and my friends anyway. If you want to make tattoos, we have an alternative for you!

With temporary tattoo pens, you can make tattoos without harming your skin. These pens also comply with cosmetic regulations. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to switch to larger tattoos after trying it on a small section.

When you purchase this product, you will have 8 different colored tattoo pens and various stencils.

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