37 Unique Smiley Face Tattoo

Glitch Smiley Face Tattoo

Do you want to have an unique tattoo? Well, you can make any kind of tattoos unique with a little touch like smiley face tattoo. Smiley face tattoos can sound basic but it is not. You can make that tattoo into something more cool and have it on your own style.

Here are the 37 Unique Smiley Face Tattoo just for you;

1) Two Side Smiley Face


If you want to have a simple and a different kind of tattoo, well here it is just for you.

2)Cultural Smiley Face


Asian Smiley face tattoo looks great. It has an aesthetic for sure.

3)Cute One


It looks minimalist and cute. If you don’t want to have a big tattoo, this tattoo is just for you.

4)Three Smiley

Three Smiley

It looks pretty, the colors are also matching and it looks aesthetic.

5)Smiley Knife


Look how minimalist it looks and has a unique vibe. You will love it.

6)Smiley Bomb


This looks very creative. If you like to have a creative tattoo, then this one is just for you.

7)Smiley Art

Smiley Art

WoW! It is just amazing. We loved it. This one is creative and aesthetic.

8)Colorful Smiley


It looks really cute. Look at those colorful writings. It is aesthetic and pleasing.

9)Glitch Smiley

Glitch Smiley

It is very creative and aesthetic. It is an unique look.

10)Walking Smiley


Walking smiley looks really cute. It is a great hand tattoo.

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