23 Iconic Collarbone Tattoos

Moon and sun collarbone tattoo

It is the most iconic and aesthetic tattoo you can ever have. It does not have any meaning behind that but the way it looks probably will give you that iconic style. Collarbone tattoos are very popular recently, and what are you waiting for, go get it!

It is a very visible location to hide. The tattoo designs will look very pleasing, trust us.

Here are the ,23 Iconic Collarbone Tattoos just for you;

1)Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

It has a very iconic style, and looks fabulous! The details looks really amazing for sure.

2)Aesthetic Words on Collarbone

Aesthetic Words on Collar Bone

It looks pleasing and so pretty. What are you waiting for? Go and get this for sure!

3)”here and now” Collarbone Tattoo

"here and now" Collar Bone Tattoo

Itmgives the best aesthetic look and touch for sure.

4)Aesthetic Collarbone

Aesthetic Collar Bone

It looks aestheticly pleasing and pretty.

5)From ear to the Bone

From ear to the Bone

Flowers and the way it is a big tattoo makes a very unique look of it. Look at those details on it.

6)Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos always looks great on collarbones. The pigment and the lines are really on point.

7)Colorful Flower Tattoo


It looks really pretty and aesthetic. You must have this for sure. You will not regret it. We love those details and the energy it gives is amazing.

8)Creative Tattoo


Looks really artistic and creative. You must talk with your tattoo artist about this tattoo on collarbone.

9)Artistic Touch


The snake tattoo on collarbone Part2 and it looks amazing. The detail is just amazing.

10)Collarbone Line Tattoo

Collar Bone Line Tattoo

The dots and the line is on point and already looks amazing I love it.

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