23 Iconic Collarbone Tattoos

Moon and sun collarbone tattoo

11)Big Tattoo on Collarbone


The pigment is on point and the lines are very perfect thats for sure. Details are always important on collarbone because its hard to hide.

12)Moon and Sun tattoo


That looks really amazing I love it so much. It has a very unique look. This one is our favourite one so far.

13)Blue Pigment Tattoo


Dragon tattoo on collarbone looks really cute. I am so in love with this that is for sure.

14)Moon Phase Tattoo


This is a very aesthetic and artistic tattoo you’ll ever have. Details are so cute.

15)Moon Tattoo


It looks really cute on collarbone and it will give you the best look.

16)Tiger on Collarbone


The lines are on point and it looks amazing as you can see. And you should have it for sure.

17)Iconic Tattoo


The lines and the pigment is amazing. They are on point and ready to be on your collarbone too.

18)Leaf Tattoo

Leaf Tattoo

It looks really beautiful and creative. It will look great with a blouse on you.

19)Bird on Collar Bone


The colors on point and it matches perfect with the skin. It is a very aesthetic look.

20)Small Tattoo on collarbone


It has a very minimalist look and those colors are so pretty as you can see.

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