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24 Teardrop Tattoos for Emotional People in 2021

Humans are emotional beings. Yes, for most of us, the reason is the one that guides our lives. However, there is no harm in letting your emotions take control once in a while. Sometimes, the emotions are filled with joy, enabling you to enjoy life to the fullest. And yet, other times, sorrow captures our […]

28 Most Popular Side Tattoos for You in 2021

When it comes to visually appealing forms, our eyes usually immediately focus on symmetry. For instance, our brains determine the beauty of a face by measuring its symmetry and proportions. This tendency of the human brain and eye toward the symmetrical forms had also a reflection in art throughout history. Many artists focused on placing […]

25 Book Tattoos for Book Nerds to Have in 2021

Sometimes, life give you lemons and no matter how much you try, you cannot find a way to turn them into a lemonade. In order to escape from the sourness of these lemons, we may look for some alternatives that can give us a break from our life. These escape routes may be movies, games […]

25 Behind the Ear Tattoos for You to Have in 2021

The idea of having a face tattoo might be intimidating for many. Thus, people usually gravitate towards more hidden spots, such as the delicate area behind the ears, for their first tattoo. Behind the ear tattoos are cool, mysterious and attractive, making them a hit among the tattoo enthusiasts. Whether it is a cross tattoo […]

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