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25 Small Rose Tattoos for Tattoo Lovers in 2021

“The rose is red, the violet’s blue, The honey’s sweet, and so are you.” When he wrote these verses back in 1784, Gammer Gurton was probably not aware of his contribution to English poetry. For decades, his words have transformed into various forms, especially in high-school poetry homeworks. However, the true symbolism of roses is […]

24 Teardrop Tattoos for Emotional People in 2021

Humans are emotional beings. Yes, for most of us, the reason is the one that guides our lives. However, there is no harm in letting your emotions take control once in a while. Sometimes, the emotions are filled with joy, enabling you to enjoy life to the fullest. And yet, other times, sorrow captures our […]

25 Book Tattoos for Book Nerds to Have in 2021

Sometimes, life give you lemons and no matter how much you try, you cannot find a way to turn them into a lemonade. In order to escape from the sourness of these lemons, we may look for some alternatives that can give us a break from our life. These escape routes may be movies, games […]

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