24 Medusa Tattoos for Mythology Buffs in 2021

Queen medusa tattoos

Medusa was a beautiful innocent girl, whose only fault was to fall in love with the wrong man, Poseidon. This forbidden love has become the end of Medusa, as Athena could not forget the betrayal. She took away Medusa’s beauty while turning her hair into snakes. Medusa tattoos capture the pain of this myth perfectly, as well as the immense power of it.

The cursed beauty’s story first amazed the Greeks and then moved on to their predecessors. Her legacy influenced the entire humanity, and inspired multiple books, movies and paintings. Now, it is time for the tattoo world to embrace the endowment of Medusa.

In this article, we present you with 23 Medusa tattoos. If you are a fan of Greek mythology, this is the article for you!

1) Imagine a head full of snakes

Snake tattoo in an arm.
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I can’t think of anything scarier than that.

2) Realist medusa body art

Realist medusa tattoos
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As if she can come out of your skin and curse you.

3) White eyes can be haunting

Terrifying tattoo on an arm
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If there were no snakes covering your head.

4) Queen medusa tattoos

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A golden crown fits you perfectly.

5) A frame made out of a jungle

Just like a sculpture.

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