23 Uv Tattoos for Tattoo Lovers in 2022


Perfect for brightening up parties, UV tattoos are absolutely fluorescent colors with great impact. These very special tattoos are made with a special ink called UV Black Light Ink, which makes them visible under UV lamps, hiding them in sunlight.

A tattoo glowing in the dark is not a random situation, it’s deliberately made that way. In fact, it doesn’t glow in the dark, UV (ultraviolet) light is required. UV lighting, which is often used in entertainment venues, makes everything, especially white, appear to glow.

This kind of tattoo should be done under UV light. Otherwise, the tattoo artist cannot even see the tattoo while doing it. When this type of tattoo ink first came to the market, it contained phosphorus, which is harmful to human health. After the ban, UV-sensitive tattoo ink manufacturers started to produce phosphorus-free paints, and now no risk to the health.

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1- Light Your Fire With UV Tattoo in The Dark

 Fire Uv Tattoos

The fire tattoo symbolizes hope, light in the darkness.

2-Love and Beauty! Magical Roses

Roses- Uv Tattoos

If you could travel back in time you will discover first-hand that the rose represents beauty and love.

3-Dazzle with Perfect Ethnic Patterns in The Dark

Ethnic Pattern Uv Tattoos

Simplicity and detail combine in the uv tattoos.

4- Butterfly Effect With UV Tattoos

Butterfly Uv Tattoos

A beautiful way to show the incredible power of personal change.

5- Symbol of Uniqueness

Snowflake Uv Tattoos

A snowflake is a symbol of uniqueness.

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