20 Semicolon Tattoo for Strength and Solidarity!

butterfly semicolon tattoo

The semicolon has a different meanings from the expression used in language. In tattoos, it appears as a symbol that emphasizes the necessity of struggling with people coping with mental problems and calls for solidarity. If you suffer from mental problems, or if you want to let people with them know that they’re with them, or if you just like the symbol, this content is for you. Let’s look at 20 different semicolon tattoo designs that we have arranged for you together. If you like the designs, be sure to check out our solar and moon tattoo collection as well!

1-Semicolons Hidden Inside the Butterfly

butterfly semicolon tattoo

A very sweet design for those who do not want to have it done directly!

2-Classic, Let’s Do it on the Wrist, Please!

semicolon tattoo
To those who say there is no need to make it strange at all, a semicolon tattoo on the classic wrist.

3- You Don’t Need Wings to Fly!

semicolon tattoo for ear


wings aren’t exclusive to angels, are they?

4-a tattoo that reminds you to go ahead

semicolon tattoo for wrist
a tattoo of a semicolon that says a short break, then I will come very strong.

5- This is My Battle With Myself!

warrior semicolon tattoo

a design that reminds him of how strong he is in the battle he is waging with himself.

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