26 Awesome Small Bird Tattoo Models

line bird tattoo

We have selected 26 models of servant tattoos for you because they are very meaningful and special. Birds have always been interesting creatures. In the past, these animals were considered the reincarnations of the most religious and respected individuals. For example, thanks to their ability to fly, the bird symbol means freedom in Celtic. We have 26 bird tattoo models for those who want to have this meaningful symbol tattooed!

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1) Line swallow tattoo

You will love this awesome minimal swallow tattoo!

2) Line owl tattoo

wing bird tattoo

Owls have always been mysterious and interesting. If you are like that, this tattoo is for you.

3) Line stork tattoo

detailed bird tattoo

They say seeing a stork brings luck, but what about getting a tattoo? Let’s see experience!

4) Floral patterned bird tattoo

flower bird tattoo

It will be a great tattoo model for those who love both flowers and birds.

5) Proportional bird

peace bird tattoo

I found a proportioned tattoo model that would look great, especially on the chest or back!

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