35 Small Rainbow Tattoos in 2021

Rainbow LGBTQ Tattoo

Rainbows are a symbol of good luck. This beautiful bow that appears after rain is known to have a motivational impact on us. In addition, in Irish mythology, it is believed that finding the place where the rainbow begins will lead to wealth, and even that the gold-filled chests are hidden in this region. Keep reading to discover more about the rainbow symbol in our 35 Small Rainbow Tattoos list!

The rainbow flag (aka LGBT pride flag or the gay pride flag) is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) pride and LGBTQ social movements. The colors in the rainbow reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ community. Although the use of the rainbow flag started in San Francisco, you can see it being used all over the world in all LGBTQ right marches.

Here is our pick for 35 Small Rainbow Tattoo Models List. Rainbow is a cute and meaningful symbol. Having a small rainbow tattoo is also a brilliant idea to show the world that you are In Solidarity with the LGBTQ Community!

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1) Over the Rainbow

over the rainbow tattoo

A really cute one! Do you know the song Over the Rainbow by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo╩╗ole?

2) Tiny LGBT pride flag

ear Tiny LGBT pride flag tattoo

Having LGBT pride flag on your ear is a wonderful idea!

3) Rainbow & Love

Small Rainbow Tattoos

Don’t you love rainbows? Small rainbow and heart on fingers, well placed!

4) Airbrush Rainbow

watercolor Small Rainbow Tattoos

Perfect airbrush style! Loved it!

5) Child’s rainbow drawing

cool rainbow tattoo

It looks like a child’s rainbow drawing, isn’t it? Cute and naive!

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