32 Small Snake Tattoo Models for 2021

minimal snake tattoo

The serpent, also known as the snake, is one of the most ancient and widely used mythological symbols. The name comes from the Latin serpens, which means “crawling animal” or “snake.” Snakes have been linked to some of humanity’s oldest rituals and symbolize the dual expression of good and evil. This is a perfect reason to have a snake tattoo by itself. In addition, snakes were considered fertility symbols in several cultures. According to Christian belief, Satan (as the serpent) caused the fall by deceiving Eve into disobeying God’s order.

As we can see, it is a universal and complex symbol. With lots of types and lower classifications such as the pythons, cobras etc, it is extremely popular. Having a serpent tattoo on your hand, thigh or ankle can be a very good idea.

So here is our pick for 32 Small Snake Tattoo Models for 2021. If you interested in animal tattoo models, make sure to check our 26 Small Bird Tattoo Models and 23 Small Butterfly Tattoo Models articles.

1) Color Transitioned Snake

snake tattoo on the neck

Let’s start with an elegant snake on the back of the ear. Perfect!

2) Minimal Snake with a Crescent Moon

snake thigh

A minimal, black and white snake with a new moon, crescent. Well placed near thigh. Classy!

3) Little Snake Tattoo

minimal snake tattoo

A little serpent tattoo on the left abdomen. So chic!

4) Red Snake Tattoo

red snake tattoo meaning

Red snake on arm. Minimal and bright!

5) Cobra Tattoo on the wrist

cobra on arm

A detailed and sharp cobra tattoo on the wrist.

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