29 Gap Filler Tattoos to Fill in the Blanks in 2021

A dice filler gap tattoo with hearts on it.

One of the perks of having a tattoo is the fact that wanting yet another one is quite likely. In fact, for many, having a couple of tattoos also not enough. Many lean on to cover their body parts with tattoos altogether, turning this art form into a bodysuit. The process is long and requires patience, of course. However, with a few main tattoos on a large scale, it is not a difficult task to achieve. And yet, the big, bulky main tattoos are only the basis of the project. In order to complete it, you need gap filler tattoos.

Well, what is a gap filler tattoo then? Once you start to cover a body part of yours, let’s say your arm, it is not easy to come up with one tattoo after another that fits each other perfectly. Instead, small gaps emerge on your arm, breaking the unity of the desired coverage and requiring a little bit of filling. At that point, small filler tattoos come to the scene. It can be said that if the so-called “main” tattoos bring life to your arm, the filler tattoo designs bring harmony to it. The main tattoos need small filler tattoos to act as bridges that connect them to each other. This way, your “bodysuit” of tattoos looks in unity, presents a perfect aesthetic that leaves no place for blank spaces.

If you have the intention to cover a body part of yours with tattoos, gap filler tattoos are a must for you. However, the smaller the gap gets, the harder it to fill them in. Don’t worry, fortunately, you are in the right place. In this article, we present you with 29 different small filler tattoo ideas, saving you from puzzling your brain.

1) Small, cute, effective: Bees are perfect filler tattoos

A bee small filler gap tattoo
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Bees are not only tiny and adorable but also represent hardworking and production. They are everything a gap filler tattoo needs to be.

2) Whatever man, just have a small tattoo

A Whatever small filler gap tattoo
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Sometimes you need more that just a mere symbolism. Words are perfect for those times. And they fit everywhere with the option of multiple fonts!

3) Headfirst to pool of tattoos be like…

A woman making a headfirst small filler gap tattoo
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Human body is perfect, not only as a canvas, but also as a filler tattoo design. It is flexible, aesthetic and powerful.

4) Animal world offers so much!

A tiger small filler gap tattoo
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Animal world is waiting for us to discover. If you dig deep enough, you may even come across with tigers with heart imprints.

5) Who doesn’t love a noble bird?

A bird filler gap tattoo
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Birds represent freedom, singing and beauty. So, when in doubt, go with the bird tattoo.

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