26 Cheshire Cat Tattoos for Wonderland in 2021

Imaginative Cheshire cat tattoo

When Lewis Carroll wrote his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland back in 1865, he did not realize the contribution he has made to popular culture. The book turned into a sensation for the young readers. It was also praised for its depiction of mental illness while encouraging creative thinking. Today, we can see its impact on almost every corner of the art. When it comes to tattoos, Alice in Wonderland reveals itself in Cheshire cat tattoos.

For some, Cheshire cat is the schizophrenic character in Alice in Wonderland. Others view it only as of the crazy fun cat. Regardless of your perception of Cheshire cat, one thing is certain: It is absolutely eye-catching! Thanks to its aesthetic, the Cheshire cat is highly popular among the tattoo-enthusiasts.

In this article, we have collected a series of Cheshire cat tattoos to dive into Wonderland in 2021. If you are a fan of this amazing novel, just keep reading!

1) Cheshire cat tattoo with blue tint

Cheshire cat always makes you feel a little bit blue, right?

2) ‘We are all mad here’

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Alice in Wonderland is surely filled with perfect catchphrases.

3) Three-eyed raven

Cheshire cat tattoos
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Sometimes Cheshire cats can be embodied by three-eyed ravens. I mean, why not?

4) Not your basic cat

Adorable Cheshire cat tattoo
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It looks adorable, right? Well, do not be fooled by its cuteness.

5) Crazy Cheshire cat tattoos

Crazy Cheshire cat tattoos
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Embrace your craziness with your most loved Cheshire cat tattoos.

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