25 Color Tattoos On Dark Skin to Have in 2021

Lion King as color tattoos on dark skin

It is convenient to lean on to the monochrome, black and white tattoos. They are foolproof and present a charismatic look almost all the time. Still, from time to time, they may lack creativity and seem boring for many. Especially for the artistic and joyful souls, color tattoos constitute a greater alternative. If you have a darker complexion, color tattoos are even better as color tattoos on dark skin are exceptionally eye-catching.

Dark skin presents the perfect canvas for the colors to shine through. Colors look more vibrant on the darker complexions while tattoos also stand out more. From animals to landscapes, color tattoos have multiple options and variants for you to choose from. You can, for instance, pick a color butterfly tattoo to represent your free nature on your body.

In this article, we have collected 25 color tattoos on dark skin for you. Don’t have a color tattoo without reading this article, as we guarantee a suitable alternative for everyone.

1) Landscape as color tattoos on dark skin

There is no better inspiration for a color tattoo than nature itself.

2) A fancy elephant

Elephants as the color tattoos on dark skin
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Elephants are too adorable to be used in wars. Who knows what the old people were thinking.

3) Flowers as color tattoos on dark skin

Flowers as color tattoos on dark skin
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Flowers shine through on every skin complexion.

4) Roses are color tattoo stables

Roses are color tattoo
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If you are undecisive on what to have as a tattoo, choose roses.

5) Green as a perfect tattoo color

Green color tattoos on dark skin
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Green animals are the way to go when it comes to tattoos.

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