25 Gaara Tattoos for Naruto Fans in 2021

Childhood of Naruto characters

Naruto is the favorite anime of millions of anime fans worldwide. This is not surprising since the show is known for its striking story. It also has an enchanting atmosphere, and, most importantly, amazing characters. One of those characters is Gaara, who is also famous for his badass tattoo. Considering his tattoo is one of his unique features, it is only expected to see fans embracing this treat and have multiple versions of Gaara tattoos.

Gaara has a very troubling background, turning him into a problematic being who doesn’t hesitate to spread his hatred towards everyone around him. In fact, his name literally means “the demon that only loves himself.” Well, he definitely sticks to this premise. However, we, as the fans, are not mad at him for being such a hater. Because; we know that his horrible family caused him to be this way. Just like everyone who is raised without love, Gaara also turned out to be a loveless person. Thankfully, he met Naruto. Since then, Gaara tattoos have gained a completely different meaning.

In this article, we will take a look at 25 different Gaara tattoos for everyone out there. That is to say, if you are a Naruto fan, do not miss out on this article!

1) From antagonist to anti-hero

Gaara is one of the Naruto fans who showed the most character development.

2) Simple Gaara tattoos

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Just embrace the character’s essence, that’s all.

3) Cracked eye

Cracked eye Naruto tattoos
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Well, he might be broken, but he is not defeated.

4) Young Gaara tattoos

Young Gaara tattoos
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Because he is young and fearless. Even Yashamaru should be afraid of him.

5) Colorful Gaara tattoos

Colorful Gaara tattoos
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That is to say, capture all the phases of Gaara.

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  1. Amazing the smoking Gaara is my tattoo😍😍. I made it last year in France by a Guy who’s named Owlt on Instagram!

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