25 Shark Tattoo for Danger Enthusiasts in 2021

A tattoo of a shark that is in danger

Nature can be scary sometimes. From the lions to the snakes, there are so many dangerous animals that may threaten your life. The stakes of being targeted by a wild animal are arguably higher when it comes to the oceans. An ocean is a wide world with so many unknown elements. One thing we know, however, is the fact that sharks can be deadly, and having a shark tattoo can be the way to face the fear of sharks.

Sharks are big sea creatures with sharp teeth, scary eyes, and aggressive attitudes. Thanks to the movies such as Jaws, an entire generation of people are sharing a shark-phobia. In reality, there is a very low chance of coming across with a real shark for most of us. Yet, phobias do not have to make sense. Still, there are multiple coping mechanisms and a shark tattoo might be one of them. A shark tattoo can also represent your wild side that is fond of danger. It can also simply show that you love oceans and sea creatures.

Regardless of why you are getting one, shark tattoos may present a perfect combination of an edgy style with an aesthetic look. Thus, millions are leaning on having one, with various options to choose from. In this article, we present you with 24 different shark tattoos that are perfect for anyone and everyone who are willing to embrace the danger.

1) Purple shark tattoo

Make your tattoo more adorable than creepy by simply adding color to it.

2) Double shark tattoos

via https://www.instagram.com/p/CTNKspdolSs/

Turn your body into a see.

3) A shark in danger

A tattoo of a shark that is in danger
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Show that you are the winner by having a defeated shark as a tattoo.

4) Friendship in the sea

Hammerhead shark tattoos
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Cute, adorable sea life.

5) Scream!

Screaming shark tattoo
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Don’t hesitate to go bold with your tattoos.

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