26 Small Traditional Tattoos to Stand Out in 2021

Traditional eye small traditional tattoo

6) Eagles at the core of small traditional tattoos

Small american traditional tattoos
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Eagles represent power, spirituality, and freedom.

7) Let flowers blossom through small traditional tattoos

A flower small traditional tattoo
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It’s the contrast between yellow and black that makes this flowers stand out among its peers.

8) You didn’t break my heart, you crashed it!

A dagger cutting through a heart small traditional tattoo
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A dagger just ran through my heart but never mind…

9) Your small traditional tattoo is a warrior!

An angle in war small traditional tattoo
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A little bit of mythology combined with war, angels, and tears.

10) “Wish you weren’t here”

A grave small traditional tattoo
via https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ6pIsxHPzF/

Pink Floyd disapproves of this tattoo and still worth it!

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