27 Small Friendship Tattoos for BFFs in 2021

Flower, face combination for friendship tattoos.

Among all the human interactions, friendships stand out as the ones that we get to choose ourselves and put an effort into it to make sure it lasts. Thus, our friends are quite valuable to most of us. As we get older, their value rises even more since building bonds with people gets harder and harder gradually. Small friendship tattoos are some of the best ways to symbolize that value.

What role do our friends have in our lives? Well, there are plenty. We share the burden of life with them by hanging around with them, talking about our struggles and happiness while having fun occasionally. To represent this unique bond, friends tend to come up with some mutual belongings that would symbolize the friendship itself. From matching bracelets to necklaces, there are many options for such a purpose. However, the coolest of them all is having matching tattoos with your BFF.

If you feel like having major tattoos is too much, for now, small friendship tattoos are the way to go. In this article, we have collected 27 small friendship tattoos for you and your BFF to have in 2021. Make a change this year, and give your friends a matching tattoo for their birthday. For inspiring ideas, just keep reading.

1) No matter where, no matter when

A written small friendship tattoo
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Friendship goes beyond spaces and time. Whether you live across the world or now, your friend will always be there with you with this tattoo.

2) Flowers as small friendship tattoos

Colored flowers tattoos
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Flowers are delicate, beautiful, and timeless. Just like your friendship with your friends.

3) The best girl gang ever: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup 

Powerpuff girls small friendship tattoos
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If you are a friendship group of three, there are no better small friendship tattoo figures than the Powerpuff Girls.

4) Shake your hands with small friendship tattoos

Roses small friendship tattoos.
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Roses are red, violets are blue, our friendship will always continue.

5) Cover me in roses…

Flower, face combination for friendship tattoos.
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Small friendship tattoos are great for a bit of creativity. Put on each other’s faces as tattoos and cover the other half with flowers, as a representation of your friend.

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